Digital Scientific UK now offers remote desktop support. Using a secure connection we can share your desktop and remotely resolve problems over the net. In many cases this can be used to resolve a problem that would have otherwise required a site visit.

eSupport DSUK

The Digital Scientific eSupport system can be used anywhere where you have an internet connection and works equally well on Apple Mac or Windows PC.

Because you initiate the connection, and retain complete control over the session, Digital Scientific eSupport will work even when you are behind a firewall or NAT router. There is no tricky installation process either.

How it Works

  1. 1. Download eSupport application (See button below). You may need to unzip the download file depending on your browser.

  2. 2. Run the eSupport application.

  3. 3. Enter your name.

  4. 4. Tell us the secret Session code displayed (See the picture on the left).

  1. eSupport will work on: Windows (all versions from Windows 98 and up, including Vista with full UAC support, except Windows CE/Mobile) and Mac OS X 10.4 and up