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SmartCapture 4: power steering and cruise control for your microscope!

SmartCapture 4 is the upcoming major release of the digital microscopy solution from DSUK. We’re busy building the future, laying the foundations for what we see as the wider field of view.

SmartCapture 4 adds value, whether you are using the simplest microscope and camera or the latest most sophisticated automated microscope. Whether it’s getting better quality pictures, making the job easier, or providing advanced automation, SmartCapture 4 will benefit anyone who captures images from a microscope.

Looking to the future does not mean forgetting the past! Existing SmartCapture users should know that our plans include you too and we’ll be supporting all your existing hardware and providing compatibility with all your existing captured images.

SmartCapture 4 runs on Apple Macs and Windows PCs and will work seamlessly with ImageJ the public domain, image processing program from the National Institutes of Health. We’ve long been using and extending ImageJ to help our customers with  bespoke image processing solutions for such things as domain analysis and comet assay analysis.

We’re still in the early days of development, and product announcements are scheduled for later this year but for now you can get started with ImageJ and download the free SmartCaptureLite software to see how easy it is to work with your existing images.

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We are interested to hear from you on what features you would like to see in SmartCapture, so let us know your ideas.

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