SmartCaptureLite requires ImageJ 1.7 (or newer)

  1. BulletGet the latest version of ImageJ from the ImageJ downloads page
    Download the version for your computer that is bundled with Java 1.8 or newer.
    This will download a directory containing the ImageJ application and a copy of Java.

Installing SmartCaptureLite

  1. BulletDownload SmartCapture_Lite.jar onto your desktop.

  2. BulletIf you are running Windows 7, display the properties for the SmartCaptureLite.jar file and if you see a message “This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer” click on the Unblock button.

  3. BulletMove SmartCaptureLite.jar into the directory called plugins inside the ImageJ application directory.

Example Images

  1. Bullet16 bit 6 channel MFISH image (courtesy Dr. Fentang Yang, Sanger Centre, Cambridge)

Existing SmartCapture users: Get ExportSmartCapture4 to export images from SmartCapture 3 into SmartCaptureLite.  Now you can process your SmartCapture images on Macs or PCs

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* Presently ImageJ application launcher forces the use of Java version 1.6 and SmartCaptureLite requires Java1.7 . To use more recent versions of Java with ImageJ, download the Platform Independent version of ImageJ and launch ImageJ by double clicking on ij.jar or invoking ij.jar from the Terminal command line.