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SmartCapture is Digital Scientific’s world renowned FISH imaging system.

SmartType is Digital Scientific’s karyotyping system. SmartType is a feature rich easy to use application supporting G. R & Q-banding classification as well as Dapi banding. SmartType can be used to karyotype monochrome, FISH and MFISH preparations.

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The D-Light is a revolutionary new illumination system that de-couples the lamp from the microscope via a unique liquid light guide

Compared to conventional fluorescence burners D-Lite offers

  1. Up to 20 times the lamp life. 2000 hours.

  2. Brighter. 200W bulb.

  3. More stable. Suitable for long term experiments.

  4. No tricky bulb alignment.

  5. Guaranteed even illumination over whole field of view.

  6. Less heat generated, protects your excitation filters.

  7. Lower running costs up to 10 times lower!

  8. Adjustable lamp intensity.

  9. Movable between microscopes from different manufactures. Protect you investment.

Coming Soon

SmartCapture4 is on the drawing board and planned for first  release Q3 2011. Keep an eye on our SmartCapture 4 page for the latest news or subscribe to our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out.