ExportSmartCapture4 Script


Export Images from SmartCapture 3 to SmartCapture 4

SmartCapture 3 users can export images for use by SmartCaptureLite by installing and using the ExportSmartCapture4 script

  1. BulletDownload the ExportSmartCapture4.scpt

  2. BulletMove the file into the “/Library/Scripts/SmartCapture 3” folder

ExportSmartCapture4 should appear under the SmartCapture sub menu of your AppleScript menu in the menu bar. If your AppleScript menu is not being displayed, follow this handy guide

  1. BulletOnce installed, select the files you wish to export in a SmartCapture3 filmstrip (use the shift and command keys to make multiple selections), then select the ExportSmartCapture4 script from the AppleScript menu.

  2. BulletChoose the directory for the exported files.

  3. BulletOnce the files have been exported, use the SmartCaptureLIte SmartCaptureReader plugin to read the file into SmartCaptureLite

Contact us if you have any problems, questions or suggestions. We can assist you with our remote eSupport to get you going. Contact us also if you are using an older version of SmartCapture than SmartCapture 3

Update: Tuesday, 29 November 2016